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Patient Stories

Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Center - Adrian

"I can’t say enough about how courteous, helpful, friendly they are. I have been here 3 times for my knees and shoulder and it feels so good to be able to move and not be in pain. Thank you so much."

"I would recommend all my friends come here for physical therapy (& O.T.). The staff is the best & I can’t speak highly enough of Sofia's expertise."

"All the therapists were very friendly & helpful. I am very satisfied & impressed with your facility. It helped me a lot. Thanks."

"I was extremely impressed with knowledge/expertise of Dianna, Sophia, & Aaron. My outcome was much better than expected!!"

"I’ve been in therapy probably 10 times over the years! And I’m glad I picked Carter."

"I appreciate your staff. Everyone was interested not only in my physical difficulties but showed interest in me. I have made many new friends! Thank you."

"Thank you to all Carter employees for all the good you do for our community."

"It was a pleasure to work with Dianna and Aaron. Dianna was great at motivating me to ‘push on’."

"Your staff is excellent and very caring. That’s why smaller is better. Thanks!"

"I’ve learned with exercise, it will ease the pain. Thanks for the advice of the Home Lumbar Traction. I enjoyed my time with all the staff – especially Justine."

"My time at the Carter Rehab Center was a good experience, friendly and helpful therapists. Would recommend it to anyone."

"I really like the ‘Team’ working together! Everyone was ‘GREAT’."

"I want to thank the staff especially Annette & Dianna for the excellent care. Great job!"

"Amanda did an excellent job, always with a smile, even when she flexed my arm until I said Uncle!!"


Carter Rehabilitaiton & Aquatic Center - Tecumseh

NEW - "I want to thank all the staff at Carter Rehab. It was like being under the care of my own family! 'God Bless You All' Especially thanks to Dave, Jack, Ayron, Karen, Kristen, and Ginger - ❤❤❤ Gracie"

"All staff were friendly, polite, knowledgeable and kind. I especially want to complement Cher-ee (student), Sarah and Penny. Bob also was knowledgeable, kind and open to my questions. All in all i am very happy with my physical therapy. Jesse was always ready and willing to help. My hat is off to the staff and facility."

"Friends and family commented on the distinct improvement in my gait and balance. Thank you Big & Loud!"

"Great experience! Aides & Therapists exceptionally friendly, helpful & Knowledgeable. Special thanks to Dave – an outstanding asset to your facility."

"Melissa & Bob were great to work with and Melissa was very accommodating with my appointments! I plan to join the fitness center."

"I am very impressed with Carter Rehab of Tecumseh. Excellent TEAMWORK! I worked mainly with Penny, Melissa, Paula, and Chris. All 100% top notch."

"Just entering the facility is therapeutic. What an uplifting group of people!! Thank you for all you give everyday."

"We just absolutely love all the staff at Carter, Melissa is an excellent therapist, well trained, and very compassionate about my daughter’s care. Todd, Paula, Becky, and Chris, also very wonderful people. Bob thank you so much for all your hard work and your wonderful staff. Carter Rehab has been a blessing to us. Thank you."

"I can’t say enough positives on the ‘job’ you all do for anyone coming through here for therapy. Thank you all!"

"Everyone is very friendly. Mrs. Sarah is the Best of Best she really helped me so much: Can’t thank her enough."

"Very helpful staff – treatment was effective!"

"I am pleased with the service/help given (to) me by Karen at (the) Tecumseh office! I am recommending her to others. Thank you."

"Everyone was absolutely wonderful! I will come to you whenever needed and will refer others to you – Thank you!!!"

"Nina & Becky rock!! Paula is great too!! Everyone at Carter is friendly & nice they work well together. I always say I want to go to Carter – rehab and for many, many years I have requested Bob Leffler. He is the best & only therapist I want to work on/with me."

"Carter has a good group of employees. Always friendly & courteous. Would always recommend Carter to everyone for either therapy or wellness."

"Melissa was/is an outstanding therapist and a very nice and friendly person."